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Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel

I am currently an undergraduate at Rutgers University studying Visual Arts with a specialization in Design. Along with my education at Rutgers, I gained experience in designing and developing websites as well by experimenting in my free time. While designing, I strive to put as much time and detail as I can to ensure the highest quality work for my clients.


Graphic Design & Advertising

I started designing in the Summer of 2007 mainly online though graphic design communities. Though my initial designing began with abstract works, I have slowly branched out to various other types of designs. Since 2014, I have been working on the various advertising campaigns for Master Peter's Academy of Martial Arts through print and online means.


Web Design/Development

Taking my past experience in graphic design, I started to think larger and came across web design. Although I did not start developing these websites in the beginning, it helped me develop a strong foundation in working on websites in the future. With that knowledge, I recently finished a website for Master Peter's Academy of Martial Arts which started from a Photoshop mockup, then later was taken into Notepad++ for development.

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